Grace Patterson WI Tweedsmuir Community History, Volume 1 Section 1, p. 185

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and men n nere 174 boys , girls , spreading the fear on the clover fields , then turning and It was again . employed in gathering it taken back to the mill where it was made into tow . . This mill was owned and operated by a called flax Brown , and later , by gas . Livingstone , of Baden . The carriage factory of all and thriving familiarily man vas Kennedy industry where about sintun men were found employed . Later , the Cocuper Brochers conducted a factory , blacksmith shop and carriage lumber mill . The lumber besenice is now in the hands of the stallace Brothers , and es . G. Stogg has flourishing garage and service sta station where the carriage factory once Before the building of the C. P.R. through a hamesford the mail nail was brought daily by stage from Ingersoll . At one time the mail was delivered three times a reck from Thamesford Past office to pornock ( now Rapide ) gne Brina's , Lakeside and fintore , - mail route of about thirty five miles the The coming of the railroad village changed conditione considerably , and the establishment of great . convenience to The library ure a to zs . a branch of the traders Bank was a to the citizen was first a branca

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