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Home & Country (Stoney Creek, ON), Spring/Summer 2009 
Home & Country (Stoney Creek, ON), Rose Garden, Winter 2008 
Home & Country (Stoney Creek, ON), Rose Garden, Spring & Summer 2008 
Newspapers    ..., Organizer of Canada Comforts In 1986 in Bath, England, the Emergency Care for Children (ECC) sent out a medical team to the Sudan and received shocking reports back. A temporary refugee camp had been set up for 2,000 tubercular orphans who had been found (some with guns in their hands) wandering...
Home & Country (Stoney Creek, ON), Rose Garden, Fall 2008 
Newspapers    ... the program that are now part ofthe business community, helping support their families. The project aims to reach over 2,000 women and 10,000 of their family members, providing these women with an opportunitytolearn basic numeracy andliteracy skills and improve their horticultural practices for better yields...
Home & Country (Stoney Creek, ON), Rose Garden, Winter 2009 
Newspapers    ... Lorne Sutherland WI Lorne Sutherland WI (Carlton District] has donated $2,000 to the Partners in Caring Campaign at the Arnprior & District Hospital, President Jacky Connell presented the cheque to campaign representative, Mary Campbell. In the picture Lâ...
Home & Country (Stoney Creek, ON), Rose Garden, Spring & Summer 2009 
Home & Country (Stoney Creek, ON), Rose Garden, Fall 2009 
Home & Country (Stoney Creek, ON), Rose Garden, Fall 2007 
Newspapers    .... The kitchen is furnished with the necessary conveniences and seats and tables provided for excursionists. â€" The building of sidewalks in Trout Creek has been helped to the amount of $75.00 â€" Picton WI, 1916 - raised over $2,000 to be contributed to the Red Cross for our Troops â€" sound...
Home & Country (Stoney Creek, ON), Rose Garden, Spring & Summer 2007 
Newspapers    ... in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop. â€"Mother Teresa Did you Know? Every year volunteers in Canada contribute over $12 BlLLlON to the economy? The number one reason why YOUNG people don’t volunteer is because no one has asked them. In 2000, 6.5 million people...
Home & Country (Stoney Creek, ON), Rose Garden, Winter 2007 
Newspapers    ... or even death. Disease-causing bacteria found in unpasteurized milk include E. coli 0157, salmonella and campylobacter. E. coli 0157 is the same bacteria that caused the outbreak in Walkerton in 2000, killing 7 people. What are the symptoms of infection? These bacteria can cause severe diarrhea...
Home & Country (Stoney Creek, ON), Rose Garden, Fall 2006 
Newspapers    ... Branch hosting events that involve food. More information will be available soon! Lucky lady Pat Salter poses with the handsome Tom Jackson at the FWIC conference in Red Deer, Alberta this past June. Appointed an Officer of the Order of Canada in 2000 for his music and humanitarian work, Tom...
Home & Country (Stoney Creek, ON), Rose Garden, Spring & Summer 2006 
Newspapers    ... Session and would like some help planning, please contact the ROSE Program Manager, Patty Stokes at 519-836-3078 or via email roseprogram@fwio.on.ca Since 2000 WI Branches across the province have been busy. Here's a look at ROSE in Action: Sessions â€" 549 Participants - 43,564 (7,325 Wi...
Home & Country (Stoney Creek, ON), Rose Garden, Winter 2006 
Newspapers    ... Grooming, Packing and Performance. Three years later in 2000 Monica had arranged and sponsored the first Llama Show at the Royal Winter Fair. Breeders and 4-H Members from Norfolk County, Perth County, Elgin County and Grenville County competed in classes of Halter, Conformation, Obstacle, Packing...
Home & Country (Stoney Creek, ON), Rose Garden, Winter 2005 
Newspapers    ...? District President Barbara Evans presents Joanne Lambert (Gamebridge WI) with a picture of the Queen at their Ontario District Annual in May 2005. Submitted by Doreen Brethour, FRO, Gcrmebridge Wl Did You Know? According to the 2000 National Survey on Giving, Volunteering and Participat- ing, 28...
Home & Country (Stoney Creek, ON), Rose Garden, Spring & Summer 2005 
Newspapers    ...Important Dates to Remember FWIO Board Meetings August 8-l l, 2005 November 2 | ’23. 2005 lanuary 9. 2000 Annual Meeting lanuary 10, 2006 F‘WlO Provincial Conference August [1-13, 2006 Fanshawe College, London FWIC Convention Date lune |4-]7, 2006 Place: Red Deer, Alberta Theme: "...
Home & Country (Stoney Creek, ON), Rose Garden, February 2005 
Home & Country (Stoney Creek, ON), Winter 2005 
Home & Country (Stoney Creek, ON), Fall 2004 
Newspapers    ... 2000 was extended by the London Area Women‘s Institute Viola Ashton was the Public Relations Officer for the FWIO Conference 2004 Note of Thanks To everyone who participated in the FWIO Conference2004.theorganizmgcommittee extends thanks and appreciation The response to the knitted squares...
Home & Country (Stoney Creek, ON), Spring & Summer 2004 
Newspapers    ... The sucâ€" cessful entrants will receive the presâ€" tigious Tweedsmuir Cups at the FWIC Convention in Red Deer. Alberta, in lune 2000 All Branches are encouraged to par- tICipate fully in each of the three categories All entries are to be sent to the provincial offices for judging...
Home & Country (Stoney Creek, ON), Winter 2004 
Newspapers    ... Open in North America in 2000 and the Ontario Heritage Foundation launched Doors Open Ontarrrr rrr 2002 A wing number oi communities across Ontarro host annual Doors Open ants between April and October For more lntormatton about Doors Open Ontario events visit www doorsopenonrario ca Suhmrtlaï...
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