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Home & Country (Stoney Creek, ON), Winter 1960 
Newspapers    ...°'- 1‘ mm“ 1960 EDITORIAL COMMl'liLE ____________â€" Mrs. James Heggerly, Nuuunae Mrs. L. G. lyinburnar, 650 Elm Sr url Colberne Miss Helen McKerthar, Diraciar, H its Service, 20 Spadina Rood. w durgnzrwm c o N T E N T s MEMBERS OF PROVINCIM rm l?59-l‘760 HONORARY PRESIDL-r, I &apos...
Home & Country (Stoney Creek, ON), Summer 1960 
Newspapers    .... James Haggarly, Napanea Mrs. L. G. Lymburner. 650 Elm SI in”. Colborna Miss Helen McKercher, Diraciar, H-I its Service, 20 Spadina Road, ir C O N T E N T 5 MEMBERS or PROVINCIAL l?59-1960 . . 3 HONORARY PRESIDEI' EdIrorIal . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . , . . . . . . . , . . . Mm Jame...
Home & Country (Stoney Creek, ON), Fall 1960 
Newspapers    ...VOL 26 FALL 1960 No 3 One of lhe Workshops concluded by Onluria Home Economics Servlte on file F.W.I.C. study project "En! la Liver" Slandlng ore llIe Home Economics and Heollh Convener of lhe Dislrlcl (Wen Simcoe] Mrs. George Bell (rlghl), and rhe Dislricl Secrel’ury, Mrs. Ernest...
Home & Country (Stoney Creek, ON), Winter 1961 
Newspapers    ..., Napanee Mrs. L. G. Lyrnburner, 650 Elm St, Port Colbarne Miss Helen McKercher. Director. Home Economics Service. 20 Spadina Rood. Toronto 4 MEMBERS OF PROVINCIAL BOARD 1960ra1 HONORARY PRESIDENTS Mrs. James Haggarlv Miss Helen McKarcher PRESIDENT Mrs. L. G. Lymburner. 650 Elm St.. Port Calharrre...
Home & Country (Stoney Creek, ON), Summer 1961 
Newspapers    ... OF PROVINCI- no 1960-61 HONORARY FRESID. Mrs. James Haggerty Miss Helen McKercher PRESIDENI’ Mrs. L. G. Lvmburner, 650 Elm Part Colbarne REGIONAL VICE PRES '2 Mrs. J. O. Forrester, Box I54, ‘H.’ Mrs. Norman Cameron, “5 Elilm at, Brampton Mrs. W. T. Phlllips. Radbridga REGIONAL EXECUTIVE...
Home & Country (Stoney Creek, ON), Fall 1961 
Newspapers    .... but it will probably take another halflcentury before the two cultures are merged. His lifetime dream came true in 1960 with the granting of the franchise to all Treaty Indians. largely through his efforts. Mr. B, G. Sivertz. of the Department of Northern Affairs. described the Federal Gov- ernment plan for northern...
Home & Country (Stoney Creek, ON), Winter 1962 
Newspapers    ...Neighbours t0 the F or North Mrs. Geo. Wilson in the Mackenzie District of the North- west Territories as the result of a northern tour by Mrs. William Hough of Stratford. Ontario, in the fall of 1960. The trip was sponsored by the Federated Women’s In- Stitutes of Canada and the Departments...
Home & Country (Stoney Creek, ON), Summer 1962 
Newspapers    ... fatalities from farm accidents were three ,"mes the mortality rate in the city of Toromo. '1 he figures from March lst, 1959 to February 9th, 1960 were: a total of 7.835 accidents. njuries were. 293 fatal. 336 permanent, 5.868 lemporary. Total medical bills, $700,977; time 051: 112,493 days or 3H...
Home & Country (Stoney Creek, ON), Fall 1962 
Newspapers    ... of them organized at the time of Mrs. Hough’s first trip in 1960 (one temporarily disbanded but reorganized) and four new ones. These are Discovery, Inu- vik, Fort Providence and Fort McPherson in the older group; new ones â€" Fort Smith (name to be chosen), Fort Good Hope, Fort Simpson and Delta...
Home & Country (Stoney Creek, ON), Winter 1963 
Newspapers    ...“In 1960, F.W.I.C. sent an organizer, Mrs. Wm, Hough to the North West Territories. Four Institutes were organized. This past sum- mer we were able to send Mrs. Hough back to try to develop more branches and we now have eight. Then, with the advice of experi- eneed people who know this part...
Home & Country (Stoney Creek, ON), Summer 1963 
Home & Country (Stoney Creek, ON), Fall 1963 
Newspapers    ...SS there were 909 cases in Canada in 1960 with 83 deaths. Last year the number was reduced to 89 cases and 7 deaths. As we go to press. we hear that there are 28 cases in Montreal and this might mean an outbreak this year. Together Salk and Sabin vaccines offer hope of complete eradication of polio from our...
Home & Country (Stoney Creek, ON), Winter 1964 
Home & Country (Stoney Creek, ON), Summer 1964 
Home & Country (Stoney Creek, ON), Fall 1964 
Newspapers    ... club the i 1“ series was begun in 1960 and the girls st it‘d to take a second look at 4-H Homes is work. Since then membership has inc: fl- The local Women’s Institute who sponsi 'k' work are very proud of their girls an :s that here is an opportunity to work for mâ€" munity...
Home & Country (Stoney Creek, ON), Winter 1965 
Newspapers    ... Grand Opera. Furnishings for Hoodless Homestead HE ADELAIDE HUNTER HOODLESS I HOMESTEAD at St. George. birthplace of the founder of the Women’s Insti- tute. has been a point of interest to many since its purchase by the Federated Women's Institutes of Canada in 1960. Over two thon- sand...
Home & Country (Stoney Creek, ON), Summer 1965 
Home & Country (Stoney Creek, ON), Fall 1965 
Newspapers    .... first one formed in the fall of 1960 at Providence. This project to assist the is an initial effort which it is hoped may to the development of Homemaking Club; the girls under the 4-H program. HOME AND COUH' ‘3 V ...
Home & Country (Stoney Creek, ON), Winter 1966 
Home & Country (Stoney Creek, ON), Summer 1966 
Newspapers    ... in Western Canada, the grasshopper plagues. fol- lowed by years of plenty, when all elevators were plugged with grain. So called surpluses piled up year after year. Then in 1959â€"1960. grain movement began â€"â€" the surplus was moved in short orderâ€"farmers were given the green light...
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